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Block Shop

Welcome to The Block Shop

[!!] Please report any bugs you encounter in this map!

Block Shop is a standalone version of the minigame from Season 3 of The Quiz LIVE.

In Block Shop, players will be shown four unique patterns. Only one is correct. They can work alone or as a team to find the right pattern

Some changes have been made from the show version to work as a standalone version.

Standalone Information:

  • This map was made in 1.19.4 but should work in newer versions of Minecraft Java Edition.

  • This map is intended for three players. However:

  • If you have fewer than 3 players, ensure all boards are filled correctly to end the game.

  • If you have more than 3 people, try teaming up as a challenge/custom game mode.

  • When a game is in play, it can be cancelled/skipped. To skip, exit the Block Shop and push the button

Custom Gamemodes (1-4+ Players):

  • 1 Player: How fast can you fill in all three boards by yourself

  • 1-2 Players: 1v1 Race to fill in all three boards correctly.

  • 3 Players (Default): Each player must fill their board first.

  • 4+ Players: Play in teams, get your board filled first.

Content Creators:

  • If you make a video on this map, please give credit where credit is due!

About The Quiz LIVE:

The Quiz LIVE is a monthly Minecraft Quiz/Game Show hosted by TheHappywheels1. Follow the show on Twitter, or join our Discord Server to stay updated on show dates and announcements! Alternatively, check out past episodes! As of May 2022, The Quiz LIVE is part of WraithStation.


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Minecraft Version 1.19.4

Created Date 7/11/2023

Updated Date 1/1/1970



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