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Mechanics and Scoring


The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Kill +7 points
Death -2 points
Claiming center +12 points


The bottom - Reaching the bottom of the arena will simply teleport you back up to the top, no penalty!
Dying - Dying will instantly respawn you in a respawn tube at the top of the map!
Center platform - Includes a beacon that regenerates over time and can be claimed once fully regenerated!
Haling platforms - Natural regen is off, however standing on a platform other than the middle platform will quickly regenerate your health, but puts you in a vulnerable situation!
Negative effects - Being on fire or being withered will stop your natural regeneration!
Consumable items - Items such as splash potions (given depending on your class) will be refreshed every minute, and "bolts" (arrows and fireworks) will have their base amount added to your current collection.


In DiveBolt you have the choice to play between 7 different classes! All consumable items get refreshed every 1 minute of gameplay and all "bolts" (arrows or fireworks) get their base amount added to your saved bolts every 1 minute of gameplay!

Duelist - Simple, but effective! Does not have any gimmicks but its base gear is stronger!
Tank - Strong defense and absorption, but weaker attack. Also comes with a knockback stick to take control of the center!
Firefighter - All attacks inflict the victim with fire (players don't regenerate when they are on fire)! Also includes lingering choke bombs which immobilize players in the area!
Acrobat - Increased jump high to avoid dangerous situations! Includes a small rocket launcher!
Demolitionist - Like explosions? This class comes with 2 strong rocket launchers, great for games with many players!
Sniper - This class includes no melee, however, your bow is stronger and you get 2 one use one-shot tridents!
Alchemist - Includes immobilizing and withering bolts as well as a variety of potions!



DiveBolt includes 6 maps with varying amounts of stage hazards!

The classic map. Theme matches the lobby and there are no stage hazards.

Blitz Beach
Peaceful map underwater! No stage hazards.

Is this a sweet dream, or a nightmare? Some platforms are made of slime!

A winter wonderland, watch out for the powdered snow!

What kind of experiments went down here? Don't get stuck in the webs!

An arena in the underworld! Be careful of the lava!



Note: Some servers will mess with the timing of the in-game music (custom made and copyright free :D), sorry! Check the info board in-game for more details!

Map download: See attached link.

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Minecraft Version 1.19+

Created Date 9/10/2022

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