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Tasked with retrieving an important item from a hive of sleeping zombies, you and up to three of your friends must carefully prepare yourself to face wave after wave of frightening foes. Supplies are scarce and scattered across the map, so though going guns-blazing is tempting, you'll want to stealth your way past enemies to save every drop of VX for when it counts most. Hack into Terminals to learn about nearby areas. Quick-Chat with teammates in-game when you can't talk on Discord. Ping interesting items to draw your team's attention. Left handed? Enable left-handed-mode from the menu. Bad aim? Let an automatic turret carry the team. Need an eye in the sky? Deploy the drone. Want a challenge? Find the secret boss. Get in. Get out. OUTAGE.


Concerning your experience...

Play without full-bright modifications or shaders. If playing with optifine, turn off "Fast Render" (a performance setting). The music and sounds in this game are SAFE for recording and streaming. In your sound settings, turn music to OFF. In-Game music will play on the jukebox/record slider. Voices will be played on either the VOICE or PLAYER sliders. Do not play with more than 4 players. Play in 1.19.2. The main menu is accessed through Minecraft's chat window... if the menu does not appear when you first join the game, relog. The game will only progress when EVERYONE is ready... to open a closed 3x3 door, all teammates must hold crouch next to the door. The door WILL OPEN EVENTUALLY with everyone crouching next to it. One final note, this game does not have checkpoints- and that's by design. You're in it for the long-run.



“OUTAGE” is free, fan-made, downloadable content for Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.19.2. “OUTAGE” is (and its’ author(s): “Sparkour”, “Spark Games”, “Sparkour Games” are) not affiliated with or endorsed by Mojang, or Microsoft. A paid/licensed copy of Minecraft is required, otherwise no purchase necessary. Player limit of four is decided strictly and exclusively by in-game mechanic limitations. “OUTAGE” has horror elements including flashing lights, loud noises, sudden events, and shooter elements. Though carefully designed to be friendly to users of all ages, user discretion is advised.


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Minecraft Version 1.19.2

Created Date 10/1/2023

Updated Date 1/1/1970



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