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Rotated Chaos

Welcome to the Rotated Chaos! In this exciting Minecraft map, two teams face off against each other in an epic battle of wits and strategy. But be aware, opponent are everywhere...

Each team starts on either the top or bottom of the map, armed with laser guns and a variety of power-ups and items to help them survive. Players can grab gifts scattered throughout the level to unlock special abilities and boost their chances of victory.

The objective of the game is simple: be the first team to reach the predetermined number of points. Whether you choose to play defensively, sniping your enemies from afar, or go on the offensive, rushing into the fray with reckless abandon, the choice is yours.

Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in Rotated Chaos? Gather your friends and find out!


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Downloads 38

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Minecraft Version 1.19.3

Created Date 1/8/2023

Updated Date 1/1/1970



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