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Rubik's Diversity return

Map information/story

This is the return of Rubik's diversity. after two years without an update on Rubik's diversity. the update is here. this took 4 months and a half. I am sorry for a lot of people that download the first one. the first one was unplayable and bad. this time is different from the original Rubik's Diversity.
the branch is different. some of them are the same. I delete the first Rubik's diversity from planet Minecraft. this is better and different. if you never play diversity before. you complete the branch to finish the map. the branch are.....

this map is single-player and multiplayer.

2 players only if you are doing multiplayer. multiplayer has extra content that you do not get in a single-player.


red= puzzle

orange= find the button

yellow= don't take damage

lime= ???

blue= arena

purple= anti- dropper

pink= parkour

cyan= escape

brown= custom survival

black= boss battle


play in version 1.19.2

turn off particles

be in adventure mode

set your difficulty to peaceful

do not cheat

this map does have a resource pack. if you are doing multiplayer. you might have to install the resource pack manually

if you are playing multiplayer and you spawn somewhere that is not a starting room. here is the coordinate /tp @a -20 -19 13


resource pack in the map folder. the map will auto doing for you. if it multiplayer might have to do it by hand.


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Downloads 10

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Minecraft Version 1.19.2

Created Date 4/14/2023

Updated Date 4/22/2023



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