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TenSquared 2023

Welcome to the celebration!!! It's 2023 and that means we've survived another year of uhh... you know... normal circumstances.

TenSquared is a set of three speedrun puzzles, each with the goal of completing all four puzzles in 100 seconds or less, collecting the four levers to unlock the gold door at the center of each of the near-identical rooms within.

  • Version: 1.19.3 (optifine recommended)
  • Players: Singleplayer only
  • Length: 90+ minutes
  • Audio: All made by Henzoid, and not subject to copyright claims.

TenSquared 2023 is a celebration of past TenSquared maps and so, it is recommended (but not AT ALL necessary) that you've played at least one of the previous entries before playing this one.


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Downloads 72

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Minecraft Version 1.19.3

Created Date 2/4/2023

Updated Date 2/4/2023



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