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The 100 Question Gauntlet

The 100 Question Gauntlet

A Trivia Map by BlackBird_6 and saladbowls


Test Your Trivia Skills!

The 100 Question Gauntlet is a trivia map created by BlackBird_6 & saladbowls. It consists of 100 different unique questions ranging in multiple topics such as Minecraft, mathematics, geography, and more! Explore different themed chambers as you run through the Gauntlet. Be wary that the questions get more challenging as you go on, so make sure you read them carefully... You don't want to become a victim of their traps...


Custom Resource Pack

There is also a custom resource pack that comes pre-installed with this map. It contains various custom themes composed by Kevin MacLeod, TeknoAXE, Makkon, Radiarc, and Cinematic Waves (inactive).


The Gauntlet is waiting... Don't let it wait any longer for you. Download today!


Current Map Version: v1.0.4


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Downloads 9

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Minecraft Version 1.20.1

Created Date 8/17/2023

Updated Date 8/31/2023



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