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An Amazing Journey: A Bogus Chapter

Although I swore off making maps in newer versions of Minecraft due to a bug introduced in Java 1.16, there's a lot of stuff that's been introduced that have stirred up my creative juices. Plus, I had an idea for a new map burning in my mind for a while so I had to just put this new map together and get all my ideas out there.


Like another one of my maps, Ender Space, this map serves as a companion piece to An Amazing Journey 3: Endergame. There's a lot of story stuff, if you like that sort of thing. Maybe there's a bit too much. Oh well.


Here's what you can expect in this map:

  • A few rooms pulled from some of my previous maps (including one completely hidden Easter egg)
  • A new maze in traditional An Amazing Journey format (3x3x3 cell format)
  • A large, more unconventional and labyrinthian maze
  • A few puzzles thrown in here and there
  • Although not tested for multiplayer, 2 could probably play without much difficulty, maybe more
  • Movie references!
  • Runs in 1.20.4 (use earlier or later versions at your own expense)
  • Can be completed in about... 30 minutes to 1 hour?
  • 4-page manual

If you have fun with this map, consider trying out the other entries in my Amazing Journey series, in particular the numbered entries.


Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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Minecraft Version 1.20.4

Created Date 1/13/2024

Updated Date 2/22/2024



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