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Bessemer City

Bessemer City is a realistic city project started in January 2017 by kubikk877. The city started off as a small roleplay map with just a couple buildings and an inn. As more people joined to help out, the city quickly began to grow and by December that year, the small buildings and houses were replaced by towering skyscrapers. Within a year, it became one of the biggest cities on the Brawl Build server. In late 2020, the Bessemer City map and team left the Brawl Build server, and now is operating on a private server.

The city boasts a large downtown area, a developing metro, a vast network of bike and public transport lines, and even a sewer system. There are also two major highways running through the map, I-67 and I-467, the latter cutting directly through the downtown area. Most of the buildings are inspired from real-life buildings, such as the PNC Tower from Louisville and the US Bank Building from Denver in the United States.

The city project has led to the creation of another district of the city, Saluda, which began in January 2020. Saluda is a suburban commercial town north of Bessemer City’s position, and is also where the various sports stadiums, hotels, restaurants, stores, and the massive Hiwassee University are all located.

After a brief hiatus following the release of V2.0 in March 2021, work quickly resumed on the city, focusing its efforts on drastically improving realism throughout the map. New features such as rolling hills, dense forests, and twisting and turning roads have been added in the northern part of the map. Further south, the river has been upgraded and expanded, as well as the streets and roads of the city. Another major goal has been to improve the look and feel of the downtown at its street level, and this has been achieved through 23 new and improved buildings, countless new custom trees, bike and bus lanes, and even a huge new city park.


Version 2.1 Updated Features List: This update focused mainly on improving the look, feel, and realism of the entire map, as well as updating and expanding the Downtown area.

  • 2.1.1 SPECIFIC: Updated resource pack for texture resolution consistency
  • Added 23 new buildings / skyscrapers to Downtown
  • Revamped and added several streets in Downtown
  • Added new custom trees and greenery all throughout the map
  • Revamped Saluda Pkwy bridge to meet new city grid pattern
  • Added entrances to future underground metro in Downtown
  • Added several spots of parallel parking spaces along Downtown streets
  • Named all current Downtown streets
  • Expanded I-67 one thousand blocks in both directions, east and west
  • Expanded I-467 further south into the newer south Downtown area
  • Added Route 92 and Route 322 in Saluda
  • Updated all road signs with new map art highway / route icons
  • Added a strip mall at the university entrance
  • Updated and moved US Bank Tower in Downtown
  • Deepened and revamped Hiwassee River
  • Re-added American football stadium from V0.1.0 into Downtown
  • Added new city park west of convention centre in Downtown
  • Incorporated new sub-district of Downtown, 'Ardna'
  • Changed sidewalk & curb material in Downtown
  • Updated map and resource pack to Minecraft version 1.19.1
  • Removed one skyscraper
  • Shortened I-467 by several hundred blocks in the north (new terminus is at junction with I-67)
  • Removed Route 92 suspension bridge in the east
  • Removed two parking lots in Downtown (replaced with two new skyscrapers)
  • Removed road under former I-467 overpass in Saluda


Planned Features for Future Updates:

  • Mountains
  • Possible new highway (I-340)
  • Suburban neighbourhood(s) in Saluda
  • Railroad network with large station in Downtown
  • Nuclear power plant in East Saluda
  • Power Lines
  • Low density commerce in East Saluda
  • I-467 highway expansion further south
  • Jean Karakos International Airport
  • More midrise growth along I-467 corridor
  • Downtown metro system
  • Large park in Ardna district
  • City Hall building (will become the future spawnpoint)
  • Police / fire stations
  • Possible revamped, larger hospital


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the map's version?

A: 1.20.4

Q: Where did the name “Bessemer” come from?

A: It wasn’t named after an existing city, but from the Bessemer steel process, giving a nod towards the city’s main producing product, steel.

Q: How can I help out?

A: We’ll let you all know in the comments section about applications when we are ready for it.

Q: Why do some buildings scattered throughout the map don’t contain interiors?

A: This is part of an effort to make the city lag less and easier-to-run on low-end devices.

Q: Is this map roleplay-friendly?

A: Yes! Improvements include replacing open-aired elevator shafts with player-accessible stairwells.


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Minecraft Version 1.20.4

Created Date 1/26/2024

Updated Date 1/26/2024



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