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Ja-Wipeout FE

Welcome to a fan edition of the Ja-Wiepout series. This map was inspired by ItsPungpond98! 

Map information: 

- MC Version: 1.20.1 - 1.20.2 

- Difficulty: Hard 

- Players: 1-2 

Ja-Wipeout FE (Fan Edition) was a surprise for ItsPungpond98, the Ja-Wipeout Minecraft Map Series creator. This map has been made to play as similar to the original maps as possible so you can have a fun experience. Ja-Wipeout (Java Wipeout) is a Minecraft map series created by ItsPungpond98 that brings the TV Gameshow Wipeout into Minecraft. Wipeout, or as some may know it, Total Wipeout is a Gameshow that challenges people to run through different obstacles in the quickest time. 

Map Rules: 

1. Stay in Adventure Mode 

2. Complete the course in order 

3. Resist the urge to cheat or skip! 

Map Features: 

1. Built-In Timer 

2. All Players and Solo modes 

3. Familiar Wipeout style obstacles 

Map Modes: 

1. All Players Mode: All players play the course at the same time. 

2. Solo Mode: One player at a time. Non-players go into spectator mode.


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Downloads 14

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Minecraft Version 1.20.1

Created Date 2/26/2024

Updated Date 1/1/1970



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