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Minigames World

Minigames World is a fun collage of the most popular minigames in Minecraft, featuring a variety of games such as Spleef, KitPvP, Skywars, and more! We are not finished with the map and will update it as time goes on, adding more minigames and adjusting existing ones. Feel free to leave any notes about bugs or nerfs.

It is highly recommended that you create a server with this world or upload it to a realm as this map is multiplayer focused.

Current minigame lineup:

  • Party: Spleef, Gold Rush, and Tag
  • PvP: KitPvP, Skywars, and Duels
  • Parkour: no minigames as of yet
  • Adventure: no minigames as of yet

Other Notes:

Tutorial for setting up a server -

Download the resource pack if you need it

No more than a render of distance of 16 is reccomendend

This map is surrounded around multiplayer and a server/realm is highly reccomended


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Minecraft Version 1.20.2

Created Date 1/7/2024

Updated Date 1/8/2024



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