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One Of These Things Does Not Belong

One Of These Things Does Not Belong

A Minecraft map by memth02

This is a "What Doesn't Belong" style of map inspired by a lot of other "What Doesn't Belong" maps! You enter a series of 24 rooms, all of which have a selection of options, requiring you to choose which option doesn't fit in with the others.


Extra info to know:

  • This map has 3 different endings.
  • I estimate a full 3-ending playthrough to take about 45 minutes to complete for a new player, but it could take longer.
  • The map should be mostly optimized for reducing lag, I put a lot of the functionality into a datapack instead of command blocks. I could probably make the entire map function with just a datapack, but at the moment it is not.
  • I played through the whole thing using the Complementary Shaders shader with Optifine, but I haven't tried it with any others so I don't know if it will work with every kind of shader
  • This map should work in versions 1.20.1 and above.
  • If you have any questions/comments/issues with the map, please feel free to let me know!

Thanks to the following people for giving the map a test and telling me when it was completely and utterly unplayable:

  • Berrimix
  • TheWorfer27


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Minecraft Version 1.20.4

Created Date 1/7/2024

Updated Date 1/7/2024



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