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Wii Party

Based on the Nintendo Wii game of the same name, Wii Party is a Mario Party-like game where 2-4 players traverse a board that's 80 spaces long, and each player rolls dice to progress through the board. The first player to get to the top is the winner. At the start of each round, everyone plays a minigame to get either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. The higher you place in the minigames, the better dice rolls you can get when it's your turn.

There are different types of spaces along the board. The most common are blank spaces, which do nothing if you land on them. There are also blue spaces, which move you forward, and red spaces, which move you back. Other spaces are yellow tornado spaces, which lets you choose a player to throw back 6 spaces, and green 1vAll spaces, where the current-turn's player is pit against the rest of the players who will team up against them.

Beware not to fall in the Volcano! If you fall into it, you are thrown off the main board to get out of the Volcano, which is 10 spaces long. When you get out, you are placed back on the main board, where you were before.

There are currently 24 regular minigames and 4 1vAll minigames.

This map WILL NOT work in the latest 1.20.3 or 1.20.4 updates! I have tried, a change was made that breaks this map. Load this map in 1.20.2, not later or earlier!

This map may have some bugs in them, so if you see any, please report them in the comments.
Thank you for playing and enjoy!


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Minecraft Version 1.20.2

Created Date 12/16/2023

Updated Date 1/1/1970



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